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Customized Truck Utility Bodies in Modesto, California

Solid Platform

All of our truck bodies are designed to meet your expectations for years to come. We use high-quality materials, intelligent designs and our years of experience to make sure that your truck works for you. Our utility trucks are thoroughly integrated into the tough platform provided by standard truck bodies. Integrating utility functions ensures that your utility truck acts as a single unit, preventing breakage or failure that might slow you down or harm your business.
Crane Bodies
Our crane truck bodies are simple, effective solutions to your lifting needs. Our team will only install high-quality cranes that are specifically suited to your specific task. We use a 3-point latch system to ensure the crane cannot move while driving. We also incorporate gas shocks into the open top compartments and vertical doors. Moreover, we can install stainless steel tubing around the wheel wells for added durability. Our commitment to quality means you can rest assured knowing that your crane truck will work for years.

Camper Bodies

Our team is experienced at integrating a camper into service truck bodies. Choosing a service truck body for your camping needs adds storage space, freeing room inside the camper itself. Our camper bodies are rugged, ensuring a long life of rigorous field service. We will apply the latest innovations in workspace engineering to design a versatile work body that will exceed your expectations.‚Äč

Utility Trucks

You may not need the largest crane or the biggest camper. Diamond Truck Body Manufacturing Inc. will help you find the right utility truck body. From small cranes to enormous camper bodies, we provide it all.