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Truck Body Customizations for a Variety of Industries

diamond truck body
A work truck body shouldn’t always be just like the others. You may need the body customized depending on your use for the vehicle. A landscaping truck has different storage and hauling needs than an HVAC hauler, and Diamond Truck Body Manufacturing is an engineering and manufacturing company that has been modifying commercial vehicles since 1979, even those used on government projects. We work on all types of trucks used for all different commercial applications, including those used by utility companies. If you work in the service industry, we can help you, as well. No matter how you plan to use the vehicle, if it’s a work truck, we can probably build it to your specifications.

Making Contractors’ Lives Easier

A custom truck body is beneficial in many ways. For example, a Diamond Truck Body can be customized to extend the bed space for added hauling capability for longer and larger items. A landscaping truck with removable stake sides gives you the option of an open or closed bed to meet the needs of whatever you put in it. A utility truck’s job is never done, from lighting in the middle of the night, to storing all of your "must-have" tools on the vehicle at all times.

Call Us to Discuss Your Customization Needs

Diamond Truck Body Manufacturing has been specializing in custom truck bodies since 1979. We can build you the work truck of your dreams no matter which industry you work in. Call us today at 209-943-1655. We are a Stockton based company proudly serving Northern California and beyond.