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Willa Custom Camper Body Work for You?

Willa Custom Camper Body
When many Americans visualize traveling around the country, they picture themselves cruising down the highway in a large motorhome. But that dream might change when faced with the reality of a motorhome or caravan: a big, unwieldy vehicle that costs a huge amount of time and money to maintain.
Luckily, motorhomes aren't your only option if you want to spend your weekends, summers, or retirement years seeing the country by road. A custom camper body for your pickup truck could be a much better recreational vehicle choice for you.
Keep reading to learn what camper bodies are, what benefits they offer, who should invest in them, and where you can get the perfect custom camper for your needs.
What Is a Truck Camper Body? 
A truck camper body is a type of recreational vehicle that functions as a home away from home but isn't an entirely new vehicle. Instead, it slides over your truck bed and can be as large or as small as you want it to be.
Truck campers are much easier to use than motorhomes, especially if you're already used to driving a truck with a trailer. Depending on how you choose to customize your camper body, it can include cupboards, shelves, sleeper spaces, tables, and windows. You can also build a camper with sturdy external storage space to give you more room inside.
Who Should Choose a Custom Camper? 
Do you consider yourself somewhere between a camper and a glamper? Truck camper bodies constitute the perfect middle ground. They're cozier to sleep in than tents thanks to better temperature control, comfier sleeping areas, more room to spread out, and zero setup. Plus, they can include off-grid electricity options and vastly expand the provisions you can bring on your next camping adventure.
Not sure you should choose a camper body over a motorhome? A camper body for your pickup truck could work better than a motorhome for a few reasons:
  • They're easier to maneuver than larger motorhomes, meaning you can access out-of-the-way spaces away from crowds.
  • They don't necessarily tie you to a campground with electric, water, and sewage hookups.
  • They're smaller and more affordable than most motorhomes.
  • They're perfect for smaller families, individuals, or couples who travel with friends.
  • They can travel anywhere a pickup truck can travel.
  • They can unhitch from the towing vehicle if you want to set up camp in a particular area but still use your truck to access trailheads or fishing and hunting sites.
  • They can still tow toys like ATVs and boats.
If on the other hand, you have a large family, want to spend months away from home with all the conveniences of modern life, prefer campgrounds to wilderness, and can afford to invest in a larger vehicle, a motorhome or caravan might work better for you than a custom camper. 
Are There Any Downsides to Truck Campers? 
Like any RV, truck campers are bulkier than smaller cars. They can be tricky to back up and, depending on the type of camper you invest in, can change the car's center of gravity, rendering it more susceptible to wind and tipping over.
The type of camper you get also depends on your truck. If you don't have the right kind of pickup truck for the camper you want, you'll have to buy a new truck along with the camper.
Where Can You Get a Truck Camper Body? 
Some intrepid vehicle owners convert their truck bodies to campers on their own, but if you want a durable, customized option you can trust to endure rough roads and keep the bugs out, trust the professionals. 
For rugged, versatile truck camper bodies made exactly the way you want, turn to Diamond Truck Body MFG. Our camper bodies use the latest technology and can be customized to your exact specifications.