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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Truck's Old Dump Body?

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Your truck's dump body can't last forever. No matter how well you maintain your truck's dump body, you will eventually need to upgrade or replace it. Here is how you can tell it's time to upgrade your truck's old dump body.

Your Dump Body Shows Heavy Corrosion or Deterioration

Many modern dump bodies consist of properly coated galvanized steel or aluminum. These materials resist corrosion far better than older truck bodies. If you find yourself constantly fighting to keep the rust and corrosion at bay, you can save yourself time and effort by upgrading to a better dump body.

Heavy rust on a dump body puts the integrity of the body in question. Dump bed failure can lead to disastrous consequences. Don't wait until the dump body has holes in it before you upgrade.

Your Dump Body Displays Faulty Operation or Failing Hydraulics

A dump bed that often hesitates, or frequently sticks, is a dump bed you should upgrade or replace. Mechanical problems can come from various sources. You may need to replace pins and bushings or have the body serviced in other ways.

Often, issues with the hydraulics can cause dump bed operational problems. You can replace hoses and seals, and that might help for a time. You should expect to make repairs or have the dump body serviced occasionally.

When you find yourself needing those repairs too often, you need to compare those ongoing costs against a dump body upgrade. Just as the dump body can lose efficacy from wear and tear, so can its mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components.

Your Dump Body Lacks Capacity and Functionality

Don't hold on to a dump body when you know it's inadequate to the jobs you use it for. Using an unsuitable dump body for your projects will drastically increase the wear and tear on both the truck body and the truck itself.

In addition, you have to consider the very real safety concerns that come with hauling things your truck body isn't built to haul. If you're increasing your loads or branching into other operations that require a more robust dump body, don't try to cut corners by keeping your old body.

You may have an idea or want to add something to your business, but you already know your truck's dump body can't handle it. In such cases, map out what you require from a dump body and seek a custom truck body from a professional service.

Don't let your old dump body hold you back. As long as you stay within your truck's load requirements, there's likely a solution available to you. For example, you may have a light-duty truck body, but a heavy-duty body exists, rated for your truck's class.  

Your Dump Body Is Costing You More Than It's Worth

The aforementioned need for constant repairs is one way your dump body can add up in costs. In addition, you old dump body can also increase fuel costs. Many older dump bodies are far heavier than they need to be. Modern dump bodies tend to weigh much less without sacrificing payload capacity.

A lighter dump body means less strain on your truck's tires and engine. A dump body upgrade can help give your truck a break and lower the costs associated with maintaining your truck in the process.

Is it time to upgrade or replace your old dump body? If so, speak with professionals about what you require from your new dump body. Contact Diamond Truck Body MFG about upgrading your old dump body to something that fits your needs. We specialize in creating truck and dump bodies.