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7 Types of Service Bodies for Commercial Trucks

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A service truck body is a type of permanent or temporary body that is installed over the bed of the truck. There are several different variations of the bodies that you can choose from. The type of body you choose is typically related to the service industry that you work in.
Commercial trucks with bodies on them can safely store items from the elements and lower the chance of stolen items. Before you pick which type of service body you want, you should learn more about the features that each one offers.
1. Standard Bodies
The standard service body is the most simplistic one. It features storage cabinets on each side of the body. The middle is still hollow, so you can still use the bed of the truck for transporting large items if necessary.
Most of the service beds are made out of aluminum so they are lightweight. Heavier materials would weigh down the truck, and you may notice you consume more fuel with those. Aluminum service bodies also do not rust, so your truck body will look great for several years.
2. Crane Bodies
A crane service body has a crane that extends from the body. The crane can lift several thousand pounds. The service bed also has storage on each side just like the standard body. The middle does not have space since it contains the crane when it is not extended. Most cranes are available in different lengths as well as the weight capacity. Know what type of projects you will be using the crane for so you can choose accordingly.
3. Steel Bodies
Steel service bodies look the same as the standard bodies, but they are made out of steel instead of aluminum. You might want to pick steel due to its durability. It is designed to last and survive through anything. The steel bodies are heavier than aluminum so the fuel usage may be higher.
4. Enclosed Bodies
Enclosed bodies are great when you want storage on your truck but need it to be closed over the top. The truck will look like a van once the enclosed body is on top but still have the durability of a truck. You can choose from several different options, depending on whether you want windows or not on the body. The back of the enclosed body has a door that you can use to enter the back of the truck.
5. Dump Bodies
A dump body turns your commercial truck into a dump truck. The dump bodies are available in two different options: one that has raised sides and one that has no sides.
If you are using the truck to carry materials like sand or dirt, you would want the raised side option. The other option would be better used for transporting large objects that you can safely dump on the ground once you reach the desired location. Each of the bodies also comes with storage on both sides of the truck.
6. Platform Bodies
The platform body is a flat platform installed on the bed of the truck and is designed to haul machinery and heavy materials for commercial use. They are built to carry several tons of material at once. The platform does not have any storage on it.
7. Landscape Bodies
This body is built to carry debris from landscaping, such as rocks. It is a large box that looks similar to a dump truck, but it does not offer a dumping feature. The entire back of it is a door that swings open to allow for easier loading and unloading.
No matter what your specific need is, Diamond Truck Body Manufacturing will strive to find the right service body for your commercial truck. Contact us to discuss your options.