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3 Ways To Make Your Mobile Mechanic Service Stand Out

Mobile Mechanic Service
Starting a mobile mechanic service comes with considerations, which range from choosing the right tools to outlining a good business plan. Even if you do all the right things, you still have to find ways to gain an edge over the competition. Here are three ways you can help your business stand out and above other mobile mechanic and repair services.
1. Keep Your Credentials Current
Taking mechanic services on the road isn't a new idea. Anyone can load up a truck with tools and advertise themselves as a mobile mechanic. What will separate you from others is the same thing that separates any professional mechanic from the average handyman.
Maintain Your Licensing and Certifications
In many places, you don't need a license or any kind of certification to work on vehicles. Nevertheless, credentials improve your chances of acquiring work, better pay, and a good reputation. Most mechanics, mobile or not, have at least one or more ASE certifications.
Maintain Your Business Registration
Your mobile mechanic service is a business. Do everything in your power to keep your business professional and in line with the local laws. For example, in California, you will need to register your mobile mechanic service as a business with the state.
You will have to perform your business activities in accordance with the state's laws. You will need to keep your registration status current at all times.
Maintain Your Business Insurance
Always keep your insurance coverage up-to-date. You should have liability coverage for your business activities. If you only have your regular vehicle insurance on your truck, let your insurer know you're pursuing commercial activity. The insurance company can often provide coverage specifically for your commercial activities. You can also pick up dedicated commercial insurance.
These credentials all work as good advertising for your service. Your paperwork establishes the professionalism and integrity of your business. Stand out from those who lack credentials by proudly displaying yours.
2. Choose Specialization Over Generalization
Vehicles come with several specialization opportunities you can take full advantage of. Even if you know your way around every aspect of a car or truck, you should still consider a specialty. Distinguish your mobile mechanic service by focusing your business on a single aspect of the mechanic and repair field.
While others advertise themselves as generic mechanics, you can zero in on a niche or specific customer base. You can still pick up general work while you present yourself as a specialist for something people will specifically seek.
Consider services people need most and give them the mobile version of that service. For example, car owners require an oil change every so often. You can advertise your business as a mobile oil change service that comes to them.
You can also specialize in servicing a specific make, model, or type of vehicle. Think outside the box and try to find ways you can present your service as the one convenience people didn't know they needed.
3. Choose a Truck Body That Complements Your Mobile Service
Choose the right truck body to make your mobile service more efficient, practical, and better suited to helping your clients. Once you know exactly what your service will entail, you can look for a truck body to facilitate that service and your methods of performing it.
Ideally, you should consider a custom truck body that meets your needs and specifications. The more use and utility you can get out of your truck body, the more professional a service you can offer.
At Diamond Truck Body Manufacturing, we have the right truck bodies for the job. If you need a new truck body or a custom design for your mobile mechanic service, contact us today.